Panoramic Photo of Tumuli Lava

Tumuli Lava - A Backdoor into the Badlands

What are tumuli (besides the plural of tumulus)? From the Latin tumidus, meaning swollen or bulging in shape, a tumulus is a circular, domed lava structure up to 30’ high and 60’ in diameter, formed by the upward pressure of actively-flowing lava against its cooling crust. Along with its elongated cousin, the pressure ridge, these fascinating lava formations can be explored on a less-traveled trail in the Badlands Wilderness, just 15 miles east of Bend.
View of Fields near Post, Oregon

Finding Oregon's Geographic Center(s)

Human nature seems to be fascinated with finding the center of things, that one neutral point on the landscape where all competing claims are in equilibrium, where we can say with finality, “This is it!” While we can be certain that the geographical center of Oregon is indeed in Central Oregon, we unfortunately can’t be satisfied that there’s just one, undisputed center point.
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